Today is a big day for the band Midland. They just dropped a new song and their documentary air tonight on CMT. Of course everyone always asks is the band Midland is from here, they aren't, they actually call Dripping Springs home.

Mark Wystrach, Jess Carson, and Cameron Duddy make up the group Midland. They had been friends for years but had never actually sang together. They met up for Cameron Duddy's wedding and Mark and Jess had started singing together. The two guys headed to Tornillo, Texas to shoot a video and Cameron was the videographer, and they rest is history.

"The Sonic Ranch" Midland's documentary airs tonight on CMT at 7pm.  You will see the band from the very beginning. Cameron Duddy spoke to CMT about the beginning:

“I feel like it’s really peculiar and fortunate that we just happened to have been rolling a camera when we started a band. Not knowing that we were starting a band,”

“There’s less footage than you would think there would be,” Duddy explains. “I showed up thinking I was going to be documenting my buddies who were starting a band. But early on, Jess told me that because he was the one booking the auxiliary players to come and play guitar and drums and all that stuff, he didn’t have a bass player to come in. So I ended up doing it. And then just in that moment of collaborative spirit, and going over the songs, I got kind of pulled into being in front of the camera because I was becoming a part of the recording process.

Here is the trailer for the documentary



That's not the only thing big for Midland today. They have just released a new song, "14 Gears." It has that classic country sound. To me is sounds like a cross between Roger Miller and Glen Campbell. Check out "14 Gears"

All of this is so exciting especially because they are going to be here in about to weeks at Momentum Bank Ballpark. They are a ballpark tour and playing different baseball parks around Texas. Our show is on Friday April 2nd. You can get your tickets HERE!

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