Now days it is easier than ever before to send someone money or make a payment, especially with all the different apps out there. I know people like to use cash app, Paypal, and Venmo.  Everyone always assumes these options were safe and couldn't be hacked.

I personally don't use cash app or venmo to send or receive money. I just stick to using the program my bank has. I have used Paypal before, and I do know thank goodness Paypal will cover you.  I came across some one sharing in one of my groups I am in and I thought I would share it with you, so you can before aware of how people try to scam you.

Yesterday some random person sent me $600 through Venmo. Had no idea who this person was. My first instinct was to send it back but I’m cautious with pretty much everything, so I looked up if Venmo could be hacked! And guess what, VENMO CAN BE HACKED.

What happens is someone sends you whatever amount of money and then requests it back. It looks like it’s in your Venmo account. I had +600 dollars showing. If you send the money back it looks like all is good until next day something funky happens and it disappears and Venmo actually takes the money you sent from your bank account instead!! I read it on a couple sites yesterday.

Anyway, it’s exactly what happened. They canceled the request and I immediately looked at my balance and it was back to 0. If I had sent it back yesterday when the girl requested it, money would have been taken from my bank account.

Moral of this story, if someone random sends you money through Venmo DO NOT SEND BACK the money. Keep it in your Venmo account for a few days or even contact Venmo directly. Don’t deal with the person.

Also... if you sent 600 bucks to someone I would assume you would be a little more upset about it... here’s a picture too showing I had the $600.

Be careful out there. If something looks suspicious, it probably is.

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