Cheers! Cheers to a great 2021 for all of us--starting now! Texas is open, concerts are here, warm weather is upon us and the time to enjoy life after a year of uncertainty is NOW. My typical way of celebrating this holiday is to wear green (so ya don't get pinched), and to enjoy a Shamrock Shake from the Golden Arches. Gwen hasn't ever tried one--says she doesn't like mint. That's ok--I'll drink hers for her. :-)


The Shamrock shakes remind me of a non-alcoholic version of the mixed drink called a "Grasshopper". My parents used to make those when I was a kid-and I can remember being allowed to steal a sip or two from one of their glasses. If you've never tried a Grasshopper--here's a link to the recipe. Once you try it, and if you've had a Shamrock Shake--I know you'll agree on the taste with me.

I love mint so this was an ice cream dream come true! Probably why Thin Mints are still to this day my all time favorite Girl Scout Cookie. Then--there are those Andes Candies little mints that some restaurants give you for an after dinner mint... Amazing! And how I like to snack in the evening on St. Patrick's Day.

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No matter what you're up to today to celebrate the Luck-O-The Irish--if you feel like going out on a school night, here's a link to some of the happenings around Midland to celebrate the day. Remember no matter what--party responsibly! And oh yeah--HAVE FUN!!!

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