Sunday Night in the middle of the night hundreds of migrants were sent to Midland County with basically no notice or warning. State and local officials were given literally a few hours of notice before this began to happen.

Unaware this was happening Midland City and County began to scramble to get answers on what was happening. The city nor the county approved for any of this to happen. As of today, Wednesday, not many more answers have come to light. The Biden administration, who is responsible for bringing them here, seems to be tight lipped and not offering any information.

Federal and State representatives are working diligently to help us. Senator Kel Seliger has appealed to the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for help. He is asking for an application for a temporary  restraining order.

From our news partners NewsWest9 Senator Kel Seliger said the following:

Seliger wants to stop migrants from coming into Midland County. There are 700 unaccompanied migrants that have already arrived.

“The decision for this placement was made on Friday, March 12th, local officials, however, were never consulted and were not informed until Sunday, March 14th," Seliger said. That evening, the first buses of juveniles started to arrive. I believe the haste and apparent secrecy of this action was designed to avoid soliciting input from local law enforcement, local elected officials, health care services, and educational entities."

Seliger says the state needs to make sure they have standards and protocols outlined in order to deal with the humanitarian crisis at hand.

"The strict standards outlined by the Office of Refugee Resettlement appear to not be in place at this location," Seliger said. "ORR's own protocol requires it to be a state licensed facility, which this man camp is unequivocally not. The plans for relocation of these children seem to provide opportunities of human trafficking as much as for family reunification. In addition, we have been told that turnaround for these minors will be about 72 hours. This seems highly unlikely, if not impossible, since the explanation on the relocation of these individuals has not been systematically prearranged, not to mention the positive number of COVID-19 cases, which will require quarantine. I have been in touch with our federal representatives as well as state and local law enforcement officials to see that our questions are answered appropriately and that our community is prepared to adequately care for these children."

Gwendolyn McCown
Gwendolyn McCown

Other state and federal  representatives  are also fighting for answers and solutions.

State Representative Brooks Landgraf stated the following on is Faceboook page:

Regardless of your position on our country’s immigration policies, when sudden and dramatic changes are made that have an immediate impact on a community, region or state, you need to communicate with leaders in that area. The Biden administration has failed to prepare the Permian Basin and the State of Texas for what’s been forced upon us, and that’s poor leadership coming from the federal executive branch.

I’ve been working with state and local leaders (and will continue to do so) to get answers on what the plan is. At a minimum, law enforcement officers and public health officials should be made aware of the situation. They deserve to know the plan so that they can do their jobs, and I will do whatever I can to help them get the information they need.
This is made even worse by the fact that, in my opinion, the Biden administration’s immigration policies have fostered a false sense of security for people throughout Central American countries, and have created a perfect storm to be exploited by abusive human traffickers. It’s irresponsible and hurts everybody involved (except for the violent coyotes.)
A sovereign nation must have secure borders. It’s not a new concept, and it shouldn’t be controversial—especially in a country that has a well-defined process for legal immigration.
Congressman August Pfluger and Congressman Tony Gonzales have been fighting at the federal level to bring change (and we all owe them our thanks for their tireless efforts), and I join them and our Texas state leaders in demanding answers, accountability and some semblance of a plan from the Biden administration if they are going to insist on policies that directly impact our state and region.



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