Last evening Midland Mayor Patrick Payton took to his social media account to provide an update on the migrant situation here in Midland County.

As you know late Saturday night, early Sunday morning, officials were given the word Midland would become home to a migrant holding facility for juveniles. Late Sunday night, busses began to roll into a man camp facility, with hundreds of migrant juveniles.

We spoke with Judge Terry Johnson Monday morning on our show and he informed us local official were totally caught off guard. There was no contact beforehand with local officials. Officials said they have had no contact with the White House, they are working with the Office Refugee Management, HHS, and DHS.

The Federal Govt. is calling the man camp located in Midland County an Intake Center. It is being used to relieve some of the pressure on the border during this time of crisis.

Mayor Payton said the feds said these children will only be released to a family member or sponsor and will not stay more than 5 days. After 5 days they are supposed to be transferred. It was also said that these juveniles will have to quarantine before being released.

We also know that the government is building a nine to ten foot security fence around the facility.

More facts Payton shared on his social media are:

1 child has had to receive medical attention and was returned to the intake center

Center has 673 beds

All needs are being take care of by the federal government

Kids have been given new clothes

The Red Cross is tending to the needs of the children and at this time they don't have a need for donations.

Mayor Payton also expressed how he is reaching out the Texas Attorney General to sue the federal government for this situation.

The Midland Reporter Telegram provided more information after a phone call with Mayor Payton:

ifty-three children at the facility in Midland County for unaccompanied migrants who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border have tested positive for COVID-19, about 11 percent of the 485 minors currently at the converted man camp, according to Mayor Patrick Payton.

The U.S. Health and Human Services Department has not provided details to local officials about the children who have tested positive, Payton said in a phone interview. He said the department has said only that they’re following CDC guidelines for quarantining.

“The concern we have with that is if someone comes to pick the child up, as they’re telling us they’re going to do, will they release that child, or will that child have to remain in quarantine until they’re released?” Payton said.

HHS has said those with COVID-19 will remain in quarantine, according to Payton, but he said he thinks that decision may change.

It’s also unknown to what extent positive cases at the facility will add to community spread, if at all. The minors are confined to the Cotton Logistics man camp southwest of city limits, but local officials don’t know the protocols staff who come into contact with positive patients are following, Payton said. He said he believes all federal staff are living at the facility.

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