You'd think--at least from a newbie's perspective--that the place responsible for the highest oil production in the world as of 2019 pre-pandemic (according to we produced 4,000 barrels a day in 2019--the most in the world)... That gas prices wouldn't be climbing for those of us who live here while the rest of the state of Texas stays about 40 cents cheaper at the pump.

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Midland is the highest in Texas as far as average price per gallon goes--at $2.86 according to our partner News West 9's tracker the lowest seems to be $2.72. With all of the working from home going on in many places-that hasn't seemed to affect this area much as I always see traffic on my route to work every morning--even at 5am. But according to News West 9, there are also multiple other factors for the reasons gas prices fluctuate the way they do--other than what we as consumers think--which is just that it's all greed :-)

One of the things that's been a surprise to me in my travels around the Basin is that MOST--now mind you I said MOST, not ALL--of the gas stations around here have air pumps that aren't functional. Which is absolutely the worst when your tire pressure alarm is on on your dash and you check the numbers and you're just about flat.


So if you're a gas station owner or Manager in Midland--and you're reading this--might wanna make sure your air pumps are functional. We're coming into travel season and people will be needing it. As for more, detailed reasons on why gas prices will be so much fun in the coming months:

Take a look at News West 9's story here and see what you think.


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