As you all know Midland is home one of the several migrant camps the Biden Administration set up here in Texas. You know the one that was sprung on us with no notice and started rolling these juveniles with no information about them.

Midland Memorial Hospital reported that at total of 40 individuals from the migrant camp have been treated for various reasons totaling $206,287. The patience were treated for things like COVID, pregnancy and suicide. The federal government has said that it would pay for all cost of the migrant children.

On Thursday Representative August Pfluger posted on his social media that the federal government has not paid a penny of it. When Rep. August Pfluger reached out for an explanation from the federal government and got no response.

When local news station CBS7 reached out to Health and Human Services, and they responded with the following quote: “HHS’ Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) facilitates and funds health care for all unaccompanied children (UC) in its custody... All UC medical expenses incurred while in ORR care will be paid by HHS.”

It not only irritates me that they government hasn't paid their bill but that they  are paying for these kids anyway. It is really you and I that are paying for them.  I don't see anyone paying for my medical treatment. Last year when I had back surgery, I had to pay so much up front and then they made sure I paid my bill in full. Nobody helped me pay those medical bills. This country is backwards. If you don't work and don't take care of your business the government will pay for everything for you. But if you work ,your screwed and responsible for for everyone else who doesn't work. You know we should just all go to prison. We would get three hots and a cot. We would get health care, an education, fee internet, free gym and get to play outside ever once in a while.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

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