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The Great Debate: Bath vs Shower

I am 100% a bath person. The bath tub is my happy place. I take a bath everyday to escape everything that has happened during the day. I love to take a bath. Everyone knows I take a bath about 8-8:30. People will call about that time and ask what I am doing and will give them one guess. Sometimes my mom will call and I will be in the tub and she will either say it's either or early or late for me to be taking a nap.

I love all bath stuff. I love bath bombs. There is a bath store that I absolutely love and I used to have to set my self a limit when I would go to the store or shop online.

I could never live in a house that does not have a tub and that tub has to be a soaker tub. I have always loved baths but I love them so much more in a soaker tub.

Alistair Scott

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