I tell you all the time criminals get dumber by the day. These days nothing surprises me when it comes to criminals committing crimes. You always hear these dumb criminal happenings around the country or even the world, but when it happens in your city, it's even funnier.

According to KOSA, a Midland man called police saying a hotel had been recording/videotaping  him looking at pictures of young girls. Police later search his residence and found pictures of girls younger than 10 years old on his phone.

Guillermo Galindo has been charges with possession of child pornography.

Who does that? Who is dumb enough to do this? The sad thing is that it happens all the time. It just like when police in another state set up a drive through and told people that a really bad batch of meth was going to around and people needed to bring their meth in and have it inspected. Once again who is dumb enough to fall for this, but someone did. Someone actually showed up at the police station to have their meth screened.

There was another story one time of a man whole stole a car and called 911 because the police were chasing him.

Or how about criminals that post photos of their crimes on social media. Often times showing guilt of the crime or where they can be found.

This is a story that came out today:

8.  A drug dealer in England was recently busted by police, after he posted a photo of himself holding a wedge of specialty cheese.  The cops were able to get his prints from the picture.  He's been sentenced to more than 13 years behind bars. BBC

The used technology to get his fingerprints off the pictures he uploaded online.

One again I tell you criminals get dumber by the day.

Gwendolyn McCown
Gwendolyn McCown



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