Dallas Cowboys Great Jay Novacek stopped by the morning show to see Gwen and Gunner this morning to talk about his new line of Whiskey! Gwen got to ask some great questions, being the diehard Cowboys fan she is--like what Jay though about Michael Irvin's prediction that the Kansas City Chiefs were going to be playing the Cowboys in the big game this year... As well as his thoughts about his favorite play of all time and the story he likes to tell about running routes on the field that he would do in practice, and not being able to see Tony Romo on the field during a game with all the other players blocking his view--and how he'd just see the ball come out and up in the air from where the group of guys was standing--and he'd run to it. Afterwards he asked Tony if he could see HIM down field--and Tony said "No--I just knew you'd be there".

One other question Jay was asked was how he felt to hear that his coach Jimmy Johnson was inducted into the Hall of Fame--to which he replied "It felt like we all got in that day!". We got to try a very small sample his whiskey--and it went down very smooth. He's going to be at Lonestar Liquors today 4p-7p signing autographs on his bottles if you wanna go say hello! Even though I'm a big Kansas City Chiefs fan and I didn't grow up here in Texas--it was still very cool to get to meet Jay and to talk about the NFL. I'd never met a Pro football player til now--and maybe.... Just maybe... I will root for the Cowboys on the NFC side. Can you have a favorite team in each conference? Or is that against the football fan rules? -Gunner

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