Texas is on it's way to becoming a 2nd Amendment state. The bill to be able to carry a hand gun without a license or permit has been in front of state legislators for a while now.  First the bill passed the House, then it passed the Senate, and is now in front of Governor Greg Abbott to be signed into law.  Gov. Abbott says he will sign the bill with no hesitation.

After Governor Abbott signs the bill into law, Texas will be added to the list of many states that allow carrying without a permit.

Some gun control groups are against this bill saying it would put more people in harm than protect them. With the new law no background checks would be required and no training class would be required.  Others believe it will allow more people to protect themselves in more situations. Businesses can still prohibit hand guns on their properties. Federal background checks would still be required on certain rifle and other gun purchases.

I am very happy a license won't be required. I do think not requiring the training that comes with a CHL class is very beneficial. I definitely think some people need to go through the training.

I don't personally have a CHL but I have been taught gun safety and I know how to use my handgun. I have also always looked at it this way. I would rather be judged by 12 than carried out by 6.  I would rather get in trouble for defending myself then to lose my life.  Now I can do that. I can carry my handgun with me everywhere. No one will be the wiser and they will never know I have it.

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