Having moved here from the Chicago area last summer-I'm no stranger to seeing panhandlers on street corners. But with the abundance of businesses that are hiring right now in the Midland and Odessa areas--it IS surprising to me to see it here as often as I come across it in my travels. You literally can't go anywhere here without seeing a HELP WANTED sign in the window--and the oil field hasn't even come back yet 100% which would, from what I've been told, cause such a shortage of workers because everyone goes to work there once drilling starts again.

Makes you wonder what's stopping people from being able to make it happen for themselves. Is it maybe that someone who's homeless doesn't have an address to fill out a job application? And if that's what's stopping them, how do we fix that so they can apply? I think the people in power here need to put their heads together to figure that part out. I'm sure there are many employers here who would love to fill these open positions with candidates who can get the job done for them. Let's remove any and all obstacles in their way and get them back to being productive citizens in our communities.

I'd love to have guests on the show with Gwen and I to discuss what we can do and what steps need to be taken. I think it's time we took an active role in this situation, instead of just posting signs on poles at intersections of the loop 250 telling people not to give to panhandlers and to support charities who help those in need. What do YOU think? - Gunner

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