One of our favorite things to do in the summer was go to the pool. Growing up in Seminole, there were two public pools we could go to. You could either go to the high school pool or we could go to the Youth Center, but you couldn't go to the Youth Center until you were in 7th grade. We would love for our parents to take us as soon as they opened and we would stay all day. One my friends had a pool in their backyard but we would still always beg her mom to take us to the high school pool. I loved it so much in fact my last three years of high school I worked at booth pools. My sophomore year, I worked at the high school pool and my junior and senior years I worked at the Youth Center pool. So, I know how exciting it is for the community pools to open for the summer. You know we never had these cool splash pads and things the kids have now. Like the Doug Russel pool in Midland has so much to do there.

Both Midland and Odessa community pools open tomorrow, May 29th.

City of Midland :

  • Entry Fee for both pools is $3 per person
  • Children under 2 are free!
  • Punch cards are available at both pools, the Martin Luther King Community Center (2300 Butternut Ln.) and the Parks & Recreation Office (2701 Elizabeth Ave.). Call 432-685-7356 for availability. (Beginning May 29, 2021)
    • 10 Punch Card: $15 (equal to $1.50 per visit)
    • 25 Punch Card: $35 (equal to $1.40 per visit)
    • 75 Punch Card: $75 (equal to $1 per visit)

City of Odessa:  

  • Floyd Gwin Pool (Closed on Thursdays)
  • Sherwood Family Aquatic Center (Closed on Wednesdays)
  • Woodson Family Aquatic Center
    Ryan McVay

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