When you relocate to a new place, there are a lot of firsts. First place you live, first place you eat, first place you shop, first sights you see; the list goes on and on. This weekend we decided to give our newest family member (ok, she's not really 'new' per se--we've had her since November of last year) the chance to prove she could be a good dog and not go crazy and chase the ducks or the wild life at Wadley Baron Park. It was a very windy day and luckily for us, we decided to go early enough that we were able to get a few laps around the pond before weather took a turn for the worse.

I was so impressed with our Reagan--such a good girl. She managed to not only do the laps around the pond without engaging or even paying much attention to any of the ducks--she also did a great job ignoring other dogs and people there as well. She was way more interested in all the smells on every trip all the way around. There were a few turtles that were a really good size that she enjoyed watching for a few minutes til we got too close and they would jump into the water... But it was a great trip and a great test to see how she'd be in that setting if we chose to do it again.

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The bummer (although brief) happened when a gust of wind came along and took the potty bags my wife was holding right out of her hands and blew them right into the water... We were horrified because you hear all the stories about wild animals getting caught in those things. Fortunately, the wind and the current were very strong and the plastic bags blew all the way over to the other side--where I was able to reach them and pull them all out. I even grabbed a water bottle and someone else's plastic that were along the edge of the water while I was grabbing ours. So a little extra cleanup took place. A great trip all the way around. She had so much fun--she came home and landed here.


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