Sunday morning Midland/Texas/America  woke up to the news that Midland would become home to migrates at facility set up by the Biden Administration.

Yesterday morning Governor Greg Abbott was on Fox News and shared the news with the rest of us, that our town/city would be home for over 1000 migrant minors ranging in ages from 13-17. We have no clue how long they are going to be here or what will happen from here.


My question was, were we not aware of a government facility being put here? The facility is actually a man camp that was used during the uptick in the oil field, which I find ironic, that an oilfield man camp be used migrant facility. Oh the hypocrisy.

As Texans we did not vote for this administration, we were for the wall! How about you take all these migrants to the states that support open borders and liberalism. How about they take them to New Mexico or California. Those states are all about letting everyone in and free love and free money. The state of Texas is not!

What this administration did is chicken crap, they waited until the 11th hour to notify state and local officials. What happens now? Are they going to stay? Are they going to be let out in our community?

As a tax payer I am furious. We can't take care of the homeless, veterans, elderly or  children are hungry, that all ready live here, but we can take in illegals just because they want a better life. Don't you think the homeless,  the veterans, the elderly and children want a better life? That is what are tax dollars are supposed to go toward not the lazy who refuse to work or illegals that have hopped the border.

I have no problem letting migrants into the United States that enter this country the right way. If you follow the proper steps of entering the country then come on in.

As Midlander's and Texans you should be furious that this is happening.

What I find so ironic is that everyone thought Pres. Trump was so horrible, that he was separating children from their families and sticking them in cages, guess what, the Biden administration has just done the same thing and shipped them here. Not one of the underage minors that arrived in Midland, Tx last night was with a parent. They were put in a facility that is fenced in that is guarded night and day, so you tell me who puts kids in cages now.

Hey but at least this administration does send out mean tweets.

Gwendolyn McCown
Gwendolyn McCown

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