I don't know if you believe in ghosts or spirits or whatever you want to call them but I have had some creepy things happen in my time and now it is happening here at the station.

Ever since I started working here 17 years ago, there was always a joke that a little boy haunted this place. I never thought it was true because I had never seen anything happen and I didn't know of anything happening to anyone else. So to me it was just a joke.  Well......

The last week I cam in from doing an remote and of course I was the only one in the building and the place was pitch black. I came in one of the front doors when I normally come in the back and the kitchen light is on.  I come through the door into the hallway and I all I see is the light flickering like a strobe light in one of our old production rooms that we don't use anymore.  Most normal people would have taken off and gotten the heck out of there but no not me. I am that dumb white girl in the scary movies that goes to check out the noise and gets killed. Anyway back to the lights, so I come in and the lights are just flickering like something in a movie. Instead of running I pull my phone out and video it so everyone would believe me.  The crazy thing is no one ever goes in that room, no one.

So I was telling Gunner about it and showed him the video and he says that it does that to him when he comes in by himself and it's dark but as soon as he turns on the hallway light it stops. The lights in the hallway have nothing to do with the lights in the prod room. Don't believe me check it out.

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