I'm not sure I qualify quite yet as an "Official Texan", having lived here in Midland since last July 6th and closing on our new house on August 28th... But I CAN tell you that I take pride in where I live-and it's aggravating to me to see things people rave on and on about on Social Media when it comes to the Mask Mandate in the State being lifted as of today. Posts like "Let's See Which State Closes Down Again First--Texas or Mississippi?"

As if we're all a bunch of irresponsible Dolts here that don't understand that the virus is still there, and even though the numbers have gone way down, there is still a need to practice social distancing, wash your hands, to not gather in huge crowds up close, and to wear masks when going into heavily travelled areas in public. Even though the law has been repealed, the virus hasn't been. And we get that. Will there be a faction of people here that won't wear masks? YES. But they've been on that train since before the law was lifted--it didn't just start. I saw it all the time when I came here last summer. There are those that won't wear them. And that is their choice. No need to "Mask Shame" anyone.

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Let's face facts--even the so-called "Experts" can't get their stories straight when it comes to the virus. And in my humble opinion, that's been the problem since day #1. If everyone were on the same page, there wouldn't be all of the misinformation there is out there. A sad biproduct of being TOO connected these days. It's also a big reason why there is a faction of people who fear getting the vaccine--because of the myriad of information that's out there about it. Some true, some false. But how do you tell which is which? Who do you believe?

All I know is--I'm getting vaccinated with the Johnson and Johnson shot. I want one and done. I've heard arguments about that one and how effective it is or isn't. Same with the Pfizer and Moderna ones. Again--what's factual and what's propaganda? There are all kinds of misinformation and articles you can read everywhere that can influence you one way or another. And the Vaccine Conspiracy Theorists DEFINITELY don't help. But the bottom line is--we're smart here. We've learned to live WITH COVID instead of hiding from it--and what the best practices are in our daily lives to help avoid a resurgence. I have faith in you fellow Texans. Let's not let each other down!

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