We asked the question on the morning show this morning--is a guy cheap if he uses a coupon on the very first date? Or ladies--do you look at him as being smart with money and a good catch? Gwen's response was "NO WAY--CHEAP!". Same with our special in-studio guest Carri. NOPE! I can tell you that I've had friends do this with mixed reactions. Let's face it--everyone in one way or another has their quirks about them. And using a coupon on a first date can be looked at several different ways.

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Gwen did qualify by saying that on a SECOND date would be ok--but definitely not a first. Jean on the Lonestar 92-3 App said she thinks guys are smart when they use coupons and save money. And that she's a saver too and would for sure date a guy who was as well. I've been out of the dating world for almost 7 years now and I know that opinions and etiquette change constantly. So constantly that it can be hard to keep up with (another reason to be glad to be out of that scene). And admittedly, having a daughter in her early 20's and having heard plenty of stories about how guys are nowadays when it comes to dating, and how much effort (or lack thereof) they put in to a situation is astonishing, compared to back in MY day.

Back in MY day you had to WORK to get a girl's attention, and once you got it, you had to WORK to keep it. These days it seems like the male attitude is "well, if I have to work for it, I can do without it" when it comes to dating and relationships. And I can say that as the father and step father of 2 boys AND 2 girls... I've seen both sides of it. So here's hoping that starts to swing back the other way and we get back to the mentality of working for and earning things you get in life. Even if you use a coupon to save a few bucks on date number one. Feel free to drop me a note with your thoughts on this here.

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