We've all seen the memes on social media--the ones that say things about Guy's hearing and do the ears actually work on a man or are they just there for show? Undoubtedly, my wife secretly created those and started them circulating all over the internet because I am guilty of what I call "wandering mind" as I go thru most of the day. Usually thinking about the task list I need to accomplish-be that with things around the house or here at the radio stations, so I'm distracted. Squirrel!

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I know from my own personal standpoint--it's not that I intentionally set out to ignore my wife and not pay attention to things she's saying; nor do I think that what she has to say is unimportant. On the contrary-I value her opinions and want to be engaged in what interests her--it's just that my male mind tends to wander. And truthfully not towards anything that's FUN lol. I'm not sitting around daydreaming of being on a vacation, or at a sporting event, or even at a restaurant enjoying my favorite food or beverage... It's usually all about WORK stuff.


And I know I'm not alone based on many conversations with others here at the stations or even in circles of friends... I really don't think there are many men out there who purposefully set out to be jerks... It's just in our DNA. So ladies--next time you have to repeat something because he didn't hear you the first time, maybe cut him some slack and remember it's not because what you said isn't important to him. He's just wandering.........

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