Texas is full of wonderful adventures not matter where you go. If you are in the panhandle you can visit Palo Duro Canyon, if you are in West Texas, you can visit The Sandhills, if you are in the hill country, you can enjoy the amazing scenery and the rivers. If you along the coast you can enjoy the beach, but I never knew you could enjoy elephants right here in Texas, in one of everyone's favorite towns. Who knew Fredricksburg is home to an elephant reserve. Fredricksberg is home to The Preserve.

Who knew you could walk around and play ball with elephants, I thought that was only for the circus. The elephant experience allows you to walk with the elephants, help give them a bath, play ball with them, learn about the importance of foot care.

The Preserve is open Wednesday through Sunday and there are two times available each day. There is a limited number of people who can attend in each session. You can book your experience HERE!

According to The Preserve: 


The Preserve provides intimate, meaningful experiences between people and animals that generate a level of caring that cannot be achieved any other way.

What will I get to do during the Elephant Experience? 

  • Meet our beautiful Asian elephants; Tai, Kitty, Rosie, and Becky.
  • Learn all about Asian elephant care and conservation.
  • Help give an elephant a bath, learn about grooming and foot care.
  • There are plenty of photo opportunities to remember your day!

Do I get to touch the elephants?

  • Yes! You will have several opportunities to be up close and personal with the elephants. This includes helping with an elephant bath as well as several photo opportunities.

Will you have dates posted later in the year?

  • Yes! The Preserve is open year-round. We are still under construction and will be adding more animal experiences as we grow. With the weather, construction and all there is to accomplish we only post our schedule a few months in advance.

Can children attend the experience?

  • All ages are welcome to attend. In our experience, younger children most often do not have the attention span to stay engaged for 1 ½ hours and might enjoy it more when they are older. Every child is different but we notice that about 8 to10 years old is a good age to really learn from and appreciate the elephants.

Are there any restrictions for participants?

  • There is minimal walking and no strenuous activity during the Elephant Experience. The Experience is safe and enjoyable for people of all ages and abilities. Wheelchairs and walkers are welcome.



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