One of the things you face when moving to a new community is getting re-established with health care. From your Primary Care Physician, to any specialists you may need (in my case, a Pulmonologist for asthma issues and a Cardiologist for my heart stuff), as well as finding a new a dentist, etc. It's not fun-especially if you really liked the docs you had back where you just moved from.

Such is the case for my wife and I. But we searched and got established with local providers and we're getting comfortable with them, as well as with our new surroundings and finding where everything is located when it comes to health care. After my wife was diagnosed with a UTI last week and placed on antibiotics, little did we know that the following weekend we'd be making our very first trip to Midland Memorial.

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The infection proved resistant to the antibiotic, and at first we found ourselves at Urgent Care Saturday because she was in a lot of pain. The P.A. on duty switched the antibiotic she was on--and told us that if the pain hadn't gotten any better within the next day or two--to follow up with our Primary Care Doctor. Unfortunately it was so unbearable that we ended up going to the ER on Sunday. Now--where we just came from in Suburban Chicago, a trip to the ER PRIOR to the time of COVID was never less than a 6 hour endeavor. So we went over at about noon on Sunday--bracing ourselves for the fact we'd probably not be home til dinner time.

Everyone there was very kind and caring and they were able to get her right in to Triage. Took care of getting all the information, then we sat in the lobby for about 20 minutes til they called her back. As we walked back, the ER doc followed us into the room and did an immediate exam. Ordered a CT scan, and those folks were there to take her for the test within 10 minutes. After all the tests were run and exams were complete and all was said and done--we were in and out in 3 and a half hours total. Wife is continuing her new antibiotic and has better pain management, thanks to the doc and staff at Midland Memorial.

This entire experience was wonderful from start to finish, and we are resting assured now knowing that the next time something happens--we will be in great hands. Big thanks to the staff and Doctors for taking such great care of my wife and helping her feel better and get on the road to recovery!

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