I know this is a review of "local" shops in Midland--and not "chains"--but tthe Human Bean store in Midland (and the one in Odessa) are locally owned--keeping your dollars right here in the Permian. So as far as I'm concerned--that qualifies. You can protest my inclusion of it here if you'd like. But locally owned means local--even if the recipes come from southern Oregon.

Besides--when you're in a hurry--there's no better place to swing thru and get in the drive thru line--there are two lines and they both move pretty quickly. There are a lot of choices here. I'm partial to blended drinks and to keep it similar as I compare these places, I'm getting similar drinks. They have a drink here called the "Snowy", which is extremely similar ingredients-wise to the drink I got last week at our first stop, Hand Cafe. It's a White Chocolate Mocha drink that you can get blended or hot. It's absolutely amazing. But the menu has many other choices and flavors;


My wife always gets a Frozen Hot Chocolate and switches out adding different flavors. She's had Raspberry and loves it, but then this trip added Coconut flavoring-and it was tropical and delicious. You can enjoy pretty much any flavor they offer in whatever drink they make. They've even got a few items for the kids on their own menu so that when you're in the drive thru and the kiddos are thirsty--they're covered too!

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The signature thing they do here--which just adds to the whole experience--is they put an edible, delicious coffee bean on top of every drink. The hard part is not eating it first before you start on or finish your drink!


Two thumbs up on The Human Bean! Give it a try on Big Spring Street in Midland as you're headed towards the Loop! Next week: Higher Grounds!

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