I tell you right now Johnny Lee is one of the coolest cats I have ever met. You may know this but Johnny once asked me to have drink with him, and of course I said yes! I can tell you one thing he sure knows how to charm a lady.

Six years ago we had a brain storming meeting about what kind of event we should put on and I threw out the idea of a re-make of Gilley's from the movie "Urban Cowboy." Everyone thought I was crazy until it was a great success. We turned the Hacienda into a replica of Gilley's. We had a punching bag, a mechanical bull and even a Dolly Parton Contest. Everyone had a great time.

The next year when we began planning for the second "One Night At Gilley's," we thought how could we make this better? We thought how awesome would it be if we got Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee to do the show.  So, we did!

I was in charge of the entire event so I was there from load in to load out. When the bands arrived they were all coming in for lunch and we were all sitting around chatting and this one guy was so funny, he was just chatting up with my mom and I thought it was one of the bus drivers, NOPE! It was Johnny Lee. I didn't recognize him. I felt like an idiot.

The show was great! Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee were so awesome. After the show his manager came and said Johnny Lee would like to have a drink with you on the bus, will you come out. I said "sure."

I go out on the bus and he just wanted to thank me for putting on a great event. He was such a nice guy. He is also a ladies man. I tell everyone that Johnny Lee is a pimp, LOL. If he wasn't as old ass he was I might have fallen for him.

But on a serious note, he stills performs all those songs just like he did in Gilley's.

Gwendolyn McCown
Gwendolyn McCown

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