This week: Higher Grounds--403 Andrews Highway in Midland.

This was a fun adventure--because it was totally different and unexpected. What I thought I was going to go see--the typical set up and modern decor (that can frankly be a bit uncomfortable at times) wasn't the situation at all. From the moment you walk into Higher Grounds you can tell it's a bit different. From the cool table designs with the comfy chairs--to the menu on the wall. It's definitely an experience you need to enjoy!


The menu has an abundance of items that go beyond just coffee--they have just about anything you want--In a cup. Omelet in a cup, Oatmeal in several varieties... There's also plates too with scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast, and sandwiches and wraps for lunch or even dinner. They also have kid's meals, snacks and desserts.

There's also a great coffee menu, and if you're looking for something different there are also smoothies too! After you place your order at the counter-they have these incredibly comfy chairs (you actually SINK into them!) to sit in wile you waited for everything to be prepared. A great place to share conversation while you wait for your order!


I had a 24oz blended "Nutty Irishman", along with an omelet in a cup that was eggs and other goodies--but what I could mainly taste was BACON. I LOVED it! The Nutty Irishman was more coffee-tasting than sweet like a shake--which is a nice difference from the usual blended drink at one of the chain places. My wife had a cup of Strawberries and Cream oatmeal which was absolutely amazing, and to drink she had a hot latte called "Candy Bar" in a ceramic mug. All was simply delicious! I highly recommend giving Higher Grounds a try!


Next week: Bean and Grape!

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