One of the things I love the most about living in the Basin is the weather. It's been really beautiful the past few weeks and I've enjoyed pulling up the weather and seeing Chicago around 2 above zero, and occasionally below zero. And that's the temperature, not the wind chill. I know this coming weekend it's supposed to get cold here again, but in the mean time--I'm enjoying this weather to the fullest. My Cardiologist says I have to walk at least 30 minutes a day--and it certainly helps that I have an 8 year old hound mix that loves to go on walks every single day.


My Reagan Renee loves her walks. Problem is--where to go next? We live on the outskirts of town in one of the new construction neighborhoods--and walking around the same streets over and over can get a little boring. We have started to explore the subdivision next to ours--but once we've walked those streets--then what? Time to find new adventures with our leash and sneakers.

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I haven't taken her to Wadley-Barron Park yet-mainly because she loves to pull me on the leash when there's birds that land on the sidewalk--so I can only imagine what she'd be like with all the ducks at Wadley-Barron lol. I'd probably need a sling for my shoulder and arm once the walk was over. So if you know of a great place to go for a walk that's pet friendly and not too terribly far away--I'd appreciate the heads-up. Drop me a note please and let me know!

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