Today is National Pizza Day and I want to know how do you like your pizza and where is your favorite place to get pizza.

I like several types of pizza, the kid in me loves just plain cheese pizza, the teenager in me likes pepperoni, and the adult in me like either cheese with pineapple or pepperoni with pineapple. Those are my first choices. However it could also depend on where I am getting pizza from.

If a place a a good margarita pizza I will definitely take it. I also like Hawaiian pizza. One place I like to get a different kind of pizza is Luigi's in Midland. They have a pizza with sauerkraut but of course I have to have the mushrooms and olives taken off. Luigi's has it right with the pizza snack, some pizza and some spaghetti.

I also like thin crust. I don't care at all for any kind of thick crust not even pan pizza, that's too much bread for me. I know a lot of people do like the thicker crust on pizza.

Here are the top five places I like to get pizza from.

1. Domino's: Think Crust pepperoni

2. Palio's Pizza: Cheese Pizza with Pineapple with a side of Greek Bread

3. Double Dave's: Cheese Pizza with Pineapple with a side of pepperoni rolls

4. Luigi's: Pizza Snack, the pizza with sauerkraut and spaghetti

5. Papa John's: pepperoni with the butter sauce to dip it in.

I know many of you rave about Jersey Girl Pizza in Odessa, but believe it or not I haven't ever had. I know it is something I have to try soon.

What is your favorite kind of pizza and where is your favorite place to get pizza?

Texas Reporter took a look at best pizzas in the state. Here's what they found.

pepperoni pie 590
pepperoni pie 590 isolated


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