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Everyone's favorite place for quick on-the-go service in the Permian Basin is without a doubt WHATABURGER! Doesn't matter if it's breakfast, lunch or dinner--it's the Go-To for amazing food and tasty treats. We all love the Whataburger--I like mine with everything on it. My wife likes the Whataburger Jr with just mustard, pickles and onion. No matter how you like yours---you can win free food right now by SHOWING US YOUR WHATABURGER! We just thought--since we all eat there anyway--why not make it fun and give people a chance to win prizes while we're at it?

Here's what you do:

Next time this week when you're thru the Drive Thru line or eating in the now-open dining room at your nearest Whataburger location--take a second and snap a few pictures on your phone of you and your family and friends enjoying your Whataburger! Then--take that photo and go to the Lonestar 92.3 Facebook page and POST IT in the comments on our Whataburger post for your chance to win a Whataburger Prize package that includes some fun Whataburger swag--things like pens, cups, hand sanitizers, stickers, buttons, chapstick--and FREE FOOD! (prizes may vary).

The picture comment that gets the most "LIKES" will win a Whataburger Yeti!


Included in the prize packs are coupons for FREE BBQ BACON burgers, FREE SPICY CHICKEN SANDWICHES, and FREE DR PEPPER SHAKES! So get snapping and get posting! We'll pick a random photo every morning on the morning show with Gwen and Gunner to win the Prize Packs! So--your next visit could include free food while you enjoy some fun Whataburger swag. But you can't win if you don't enter, You know you're taking selfies anyway--so why not win some prizes too?

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