True story, if you are wanting to get married, all you have to do it date me! Obviously it doesn't mean you are going to marry me, since I am not married.

Every time I date someone one and it doesn't how long or short, they always seem to get married after me. It would be one thing if this had only happened one time, but it has been every time. Am I just the preparation period. Am I grooming these guys to be husband material for someone else? What's the deal? I don't understand. I always the match maker, never the match.

I bring this up because over the weekend I saw on FB where a guy I was talking to last year is now getting married.

I totally understand things not working with myself and someone else but do they really have to marry the very next girl. There are many of examples of this happening to me. I have always joked and said if you want to get married, date me, but now it is a fact.

There is another guy I dated about 20 years ago. We dated for a while and then he moved away so we ended things because we never thought we would be able to see other again.  Probably 10 years ago or 10 years after be broke up he found me online. We started talking again and rekindling things, only for him to end things, and I don't blame him, I wasn't in the right spot to be dating at the time. Fast forward another 10 years and I find him online and he's super hot and dating someone who is super hot, of course because that's the way it works. We reconnect, they get engaged and are married in no time. It just so happens his wife is trying to be a music artist so he wants insight on how to help along the way. Uh No! Then on Friday he asked me to like her page on FB. No! On this one I am going to be petty and not like her page on FB.

If he wanted me to help hi out in life he should have married me. LOL



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