As if we needed a day to remind us here in the Basin about Tooth Aches--here we are. How often do YOU swap out your tooth brush for a new one, or if you're like me and you have an electric one and you have to go to the store to buy those replacement brush heads that spin, It can be fun trying to find the right brand. And while we're on the subject-why in the world are they SO EXPENSIVE? A regular full size tooth brush is a few bucks at the store. A package of three replacement heads for the electric are $30! What's wrong with this picture? lol

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Being the new guy in town, and having to search for a new Dentist--I finally chose Bliss Dental and Dr. Aguilar. Had a great experience there. It's tough to get re-established when you move somewhere and you really loved the doctors and dentists you had, and then have to find all new ones and get prescriptions renewed and records transferred, etc etc, But the staff was very friendly and professional and made me feel at home. Going back for a crown replacement this week.

The biggest thing is--reading the statistic that 48% of kids in the United States lie to their parents about brushing their teeth--I felt like this was the calendar suggesting to me that we talk about this here as a reminder. We can get all wrapped up in the day to day laundry list of things to do--and forget to take care of what's important---our health. So next time you shout down the hallway "Brush your teeth!!"--maybe give it a minute, pause the DVR--and get up and go make sure they really are. It'll save you down the road from hearing things like "It's National Tooth Ache Day" and having to experience it in real life and real time at the same time. Food for thought anyway. Time to floss!

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