Have you gotten your tickets to see Aaron Watson, Randall King, and Josh Ward? If you haven't you need to get them. The big show will be Saturday night February 13th at the Hacienda Event Center.

It has been so long since we have had a big show and now it's time. If you are worrying about the show being cancelled and I have spoken to the Hacienda and Lord willing and the creek don't rise this show will go on.

You can get your tickets HERE! Tables are also available by calling 432-563-3737. General Admission tickets are $40.

This is going to be such a great show. All three of these artist are pure country artist.

Aaron Watson has just released his 16th album titled "American Soul," The album is getting rave reviews. According to KOKE FM the title track is just what we need:

Aaron Watson’s new song ‘American Soul’ is just what this country need and the Honky Tonk kid knows it.

In a statement on social media, Aaron explains he didn’t plan on releasing this song till later in the year, but since the country is seeing an all-time high in hate and crazy (we see it about every four years or so) he felt it was important to release it now. Maybe it’s genius marketing, but Aaron who like anyone would love to see every one of his songs become a hit puts integrity before all else when sharing his art.

One thing about an Aaron Watson show is that one minute you are enjoying a high energetic song, the next you are saluting the troops, and then dancing with your love. Aaron definitely knows how to pull off the love songs and the sad songs. Definitely got that buckle rubbing music going.

Don't miss the big show Saturday night February 13th at the Hacienda Event Center.



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