As you and I spend time together in the mornings as Gwen continues to let me hang out with her during the morning show--we're slowly getting to know each other... And I'm so grateful for the chance to spend your morning with you. You already know about my world at home--wife Vicki, dogs, guinea pigs and water iguana (The Gunner Family Zoo) and a lot of what we do around the house and area as we familiarize ourselves with West Texas and all there is to do and see in this wonderful huge state we now call home.

But there are quirks to everyone--you have them, I have them.... Things we don't usually talk about for one reason or another. Maybe they just don't come up in conversation. Or maybe we just deem them to be too private or personal. One of those things might be our biggest fears. I know with the pandemic, for some people those have changed since March of last year. Mine remains the same--some 44 years later since what I call "the incident'.......

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We had a kid named Jimmy that lived down the street from me about 3 houses (there were 8 kids on my block that all lived within 7 houses of each other in Chicago back in the day when I was growing up on Opal Street)... Jimmy was a good 8 years older then we were--so at the time I was 7, and he was 15. Jimmy was a bit of a bully. He picked me up and dangled me by my ankles above the fan grill of a neighbor's central air conditioning unit--about an inch away from the metal.

Old air conditioner unit in need of updating

Of course, the fan was spinning full force at the time. And ever since that day--the biggest fear I have is the fear of fans. I can handle ceiling fans for some reason--they don't bother me really (even though I've seen video and heard horror stories about the blades coming detached and flying across the room at people).... The ones that bother me are the big ones like central air conditioning units, or on a plane i can't sit by the window--especially if we are nearby the engines. I also don't like the small restroom exhaust fans--especially when they have no protective grill attached in front of them. Can't do it. Can't be near them. And there's no way you'll ever find me in a tanning booth with the fan directly above your head. NOPE. I'm not sure if this fear actually has a name--I've looked up "Fear of Fans" and the only definition I can find is the one where "Fans" means people who adore you, not the kind that spin and have blades. But that's mine. Some people think it's weird--but I have my reasons.

How about you? What is YOUR biggest fear? Maybe one of these mornings we'll throw that out there and talk about it. Chances are there are others out there with the same ones and we are not alone. Always comforting to know you're not alone.

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