It happens every year at this very same time. And yet-it's usually a last minute scramble for men everywhere to nail down plans and to get their special person something for this annual holiday of love. Then there are those who don't participate by choice, saying it's just "a Hallmark Holiday". I'm convinced those people are just lazy--they don't want to put in the effort it takes, whether it's about time or lack of ideas--so they make an excuse so they can shake it off and move past it flippantly.

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And even if you're single--there's absolutely no reason you can't do something nice and show yourself some self love. And it doesn't have to be anything over the top extravagant. You'd be surprised how simple it can be to let the person in your life know they matter to you. Some people say we shouldn't need a day dedicated to that sort of thing but it's a great reminder in this crazy world that is always demanding of our time and attention to stop once in a while and breathe.... And remind that special someone of just how much they mean to you.

Could be anything from a simple note you leave on the kitchen table, by the coffee maker, or in the medicine cabinet by the toothpaste, wherever.... a little surprise they weren't expecting with a handwritten note (in this age of email and texting the handwritten note is a lost art).... Yes--you can always score points by booking dinner at one of our amazing Permian Basin restaurants and starting the evening with a nice flower bouquet or chocolates. Maybe even a stuffed bear with "I Love You" on it. But the bottom line is--a clear, personal, sincere message of how you value someone wins every. single. time. Just something to keep in mind guys as you wait til February 13th at 8pm to shop.

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