There are some types of music that are just background noise while you're working... Other types that reach in deep and really grab you and shake your soul. Then there are some that make you wanna turn up the volume all the way in the car and roll the windows down--even when it's 34 in the 432.... You know the songs I'm talking about. The ones that get you going, dancing in your seat in the car, smiling and singing at the top of your lungs while people passing you look in at you and wonder what's going on and if you're ok.

No matter which one you're currently (or most recently) enjoying--music speaks to us no matter which genre or form it comes in. When we say it's the soundtrack of our lives--it's 100% true because almost every single memory we have can be associated with or tied to--a song. Whether it's something that was playing at the exact moment the memory was created and when we hear it, we're right back there. Or, it's something years later that was written long after we've forgotten that time in our lives--and the words are so powerful and so real that it takes us right back to that moment in time--music is a huge part of who we all are. It's why I love Country Music so much.....

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Trisha Yearwood has a song about it as a matter of fact---"The Song Remembers When". That's my favorite one of hers--and when I got to meet her for the second time back in 1997--I got to tell her it was my favorite one of hers. Turns out--she told me it was her own personal favorite of all her songs, too. That's because it's 100% true. And it's not just all about the memories... It's about LEARNING from those memories. Doesn't matter if it's good or bad-it shapes us as we go and grow. So next time you've got the volume up to 10 driving down 191---and you're singing along--let the lyrics do more than wash over you. Let them sink in. Take in their meaning and what the artist is trying to say. There are many great lessons for life in Country music.

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