At almost 40 years old, I never thought I would be saying I have to baby sit but here I am. I won't be babysitting a friends kids or a niece or a nephew or even the neighbors kids, I will be baby sitting my mom's dog. But this little dog is not a regular dog, she might as well be a human.

My mom and stepdad have 5 year old 3lb yorkie.  But she might as well be a full grown 3 year old human. She has stayed with me before and I love her little self. She is the cutest thing but somethings are to far.

Talking to my mom yesterday I said remember to bring her bed because she is going to be here a few day and my mom said and her blanket too. The funny thing is this dog is like a baby and takes her blanket everywhere. I said I only have a little bit of food so bring some of that too. My mom said you know she likes really likes people food, I said yes I know. She said she like Chick-fil-A nuggets. I said what??? So now I need to take the baby to Chick-fil-A, once again too much. I was also reminded that she gets her breakfast fixed for her every morning. My mom or step dad gets up and fixes the dog an egg every day. Whatever it is that she eats you can't just put it on a plate and let her eat it. Oh, no, you have to feed it to her.

This little dog is so much but I love her to death. She is so spoiled but  oh well, I guess they all end up that way. 

Bella (1)

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