I hate to be the bearer of bad news but If you were hoping to snag the best job in the world, Chief Taco Officer, the position has already been filled and well.... it’s probably not you that got the job. *Cries in Spanish*

Favor Delivery, the Texas-based on-demand delivery service, announced that they have filled the spot for their first ever Chief Taco Officer and the lucky person who has the tough job of traveling across Texas to find the best tacos is Chris Flores of San Antonio, TX.

"I love Texas because of the melting pot of different cultures that have migrated here and adopted the taco into their cuisine," said Chris Flores, Favor's Chief Taco Officer.

Back in April, Favor Delivery launched a statewide search for their first-ever Chief Taco Officer. Hundreds of Texans applied in hopes of scoring this once in a lifetime job.

Chris will receive $10,000 for his new role as Chief Taco Officer. He will taste test tacos across Texas for two months and document his experience on social media.

His first stop will be Dallas-Fort Worth and he is set to travel to other cities including Austin, Corpus Christi, Houston, Lubbock, Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio, Waco and of course he’ll be making a stop here in El Paso.

No word yet on when he is set to stop in El Paso or where he is going to taste tacos from but I’m curious to know which restaurants Chris will head to while he’s here.

Regardless of where he goes here in El Paso I am sure the tacos will blow his mind! (Biased opinion of course.)


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