Be real most of us will choose a Mexican food restaurant simply because they have good chips and salsa. How many times have you been out to lunch or dinner with coworkers or friends and if someone mentions a certain restaurant, a person in the group quickly throws in, 'no they don't have good chips and salsa!' It happens all.the.time.

What do we even consider 'good chips and salsa?' Does the salsa need to be spicy, must the chips be homemade? Works for me! You be the judge:

  1. Chito's Mexican Restaurant-4400 Midland Dr.
  2. La Mision now in its new location-1119 Tradewinds Blvd.
  3. Garely's Mexican Restaurant-503 E Interstate 20 Ste. 124
  4. Ajuua's Mexican Restaurant-3205 W Cuthbert Ave.
  5. J-Peno's-4305 W Illinois Ave.

Notice I didn't throw in my two cents on this topic? Yeah, that's because you don't want to take this chica's word for it. I may be Latina but one thing I am not good at is deciding who has the best chips and salsa. I don't eat spicy food. So I literally ask at any restaurant before I try it, 'is the salsa hot?' If the answer is yes, I'm out!

Better yet even if it's not hot, that is still all you boo. You can have it. I may dip a chip or 2 but I am not my father's daughter. My daddy could eat fire, not lil ol' me, no thank you.

So what do you think of the list? Do any of these 5 restaurants have the best?

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