Midland's newest sweet spot recently opened  and if you been buy there during the day time, the line is back to Mardel and Academy. If you are like me, nothing could be that go to wait in line that long for. I take one look at the line and think, nope, I'll come back.

Last Saturday we drove by there and my mom said, "what's that line for?" I said, "that is the new Shipley Donuts. She said," they must be good." We kept driving because we had finished shopping and were headed to eat, but after seeing Shipley's I had such a craving for a sweet donut. We ate and all agreed lets go get a hot donut. As we approached Shipley's, we got excited because there was no one in line. As we pulled through the drive through we quickly realized they were closed. We were so disappointed.

Knowing that I have to be at work by 6am and knowing that they open at 5am, I thought I will go one morning before work. Monday morning I stopped by to pick some up for us to try here at work.

Now let me give you a little history, when I first started here I passed out donuts every single morning, so I am not a fan of donuts anymore. I might have a bite of one every now and then if someone brings them but never eat a whole one. I am not even a Krispy Kreme fan anymore.

But I was quite delighted by Shipley Donuts. I actually ate the entire glazed donut. They were so good I even a chocolate one a little later. For me to eat one donut is a big deal, so for me to eat two, they had to be good.

This girl gives the new Shipley Donuts in Midland two thumbs up. Definitely worth the wait. Go get ya some!

Gwendolyn McCown
Idol Images



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