Everyone has their favorite artists and favorite songs. And to be honest--I love just about everything that exists in the world of Country music. There are only a handful of things I'm not crazy about. And while I think Chris Young is great in his own right--If it came down to a choice between what CD would be in my player (or which artist's music would be downloaded to my phone)--Chris Young or Kane Brown--it's Kaner all the way! Not only is he just a genuinely nice person, very down to earth and polite, a wonderful family man, husband to Katelyn and father to Kingsley--but he's a great story teller and a great singer, and his music connects with people way past the whole what I call "Hey Girl--Slide On Over" syndrome that Country music was locked in for a few years...

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From his "debut" posting himself singing cover songs on social media, getting people's attention--to today--several albums and hit singles later--you can see how much he's grown as a person and an artist right before our very eyes. Great real-life songs like "Lose It', "What Ifs", and "Heaven"--describing real love connections that we all can relate to... To songs like "Used To Love You Sober" where we connect on real life struggles--Kane has everything covered.

If you haven't heard many of his songs--I'd suggest punching him up and downloading the albums and checking him out. You'll get to do that in-person because he'll be coming this way--in Lubbock on September 10th. For now--chime in below on your thoughts--Kane Brown or Chris Young!

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