Gwen and Gunner's great debate this morning is Whataburger verses In and Out Burger. What? Should there be any debate? No way, Whataburger hands down!

If you live in Texas there is no way you could say anything is better than Whataburger. It's just like Dr. Pepper! You are the ultimate Texan if you order Whataburger with       Dr. Pepper.

You just don't get better than a number one with cheese. I like mine with mustard and no pickles and no onions.  The ketchup alone is enough to make Whataburger better than In and Out. The french fries as well.

Now I know Gunner is not from here and I can see why he would say In and Out because he hadn't had it until he moved here. It hasn't been a regular go to until he moved here. But I do know that he slowly but surely falling in love with Whataburger.

The great thing about Whataburger is that is not just the burgers, the fries, or the ketchup, but taquitos and picante sauce, but everything. I am a hug fan of the honey butter chicken biscuit. There are so many items on the menu that make Whataburger so great.

To me the only In and Out Burger is known for is the sauce on their burgers but what else? The fact that they have chili cheese fries with the special sauce on them.

You know a company has to be great when grocery stores carry their condiments in their shores. I love the fact that I can buy Whataburger ketchup and honey butter at the store. You can even buy Whataburger mustard and mayo.

So hands down Gunner loses this one. Whataburger all the way. 


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