It's probably got a lot to do with not being FROM Texas--but I guess I just don't understand what is so terrible about having to have a permit to carry a gun. Having to be licensed in order to do things is a common practice in any profession and in many walks of life. How badly does it inconvenience anyone to have to be registered? No one is saying you can't carry--they're saying you have to be LICENSED to carry. It's a great way to keep tabs on who's packing what, and who is OK to be packing it and who isn't.

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You're not being told what you can or can't own, or what you can or can't carry. So where's the outrage? You're not being stopped from doing anything-you're just being asked to sign up to be able to do it. Sorry if you feel like that takes too much time out of your day to fill out paperwork. Let's just take it a step further. You no longer need to be licensed to practice medicine, either. From here on out--ANYBODY can be a doctor. Just hang your sign in the window and open your doors. YOU gonna go to that doctor? Because I'm not. There's a reason that Law Enforcement doesn't like this situation. And anything we can do to help our folks in Blue do their jobs and be SAFE doing it, we should do. The License To Carry Class and the Shooting Proficiency test are GOOD THINGS in my opinion, and while some could view them as an inconvenience-I like the fact there are steps in place to teach gun owners the law and how to own responsibly.

The bill that's already passed the House in Texas and is being said not to have the votes needed to pass in the Senate--can be seen here.

The idea and notion in this country that all of our "rights" are being infringed upon is getting to be beyond the realm of ridiculous. And it needs to STOP. No one is taking away anyone's guns. No one is taking away the right to carry. So fill out the piece of paper, sign your name, and enjoy your life.

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