Despite what you may have heard the Aaron Lewis show is still happing, just not a the previously announced venue.

Aaron Lewis will be playing the Hacienda Event Center of July 3rd. Last week a different venue announced that Aaron Lewis would be playing at their venue on July 3rd, and then had to announce that he would not be playing there. I saw the news just like you did.

Yesterday afternoon I received information from his management team that they would like me to announce that Aaron Lewis would still be playing in Midland just not a the previously announced venue. The show will be a the Hacienda event Center on July 3rd.  Tickets will go on sale this Friday and tables will also be available for the show.

Let me just set the record straight that no matter what you think, LoneStar 92 is just the messenger  and has no stake in which artist play where. So if you think we had anything to do with changing of the venue, we do not. We only do what record companies, artist management, and promoters  ask us to do.

However, I do love the fact that these artist are realizing that we are opening and not loving but supporting live music. Like I have said before if booking companies and management companies can see that we are bringing large crowds for these show they will kept allowing artist to be booked to this area.

Once again tickets go on sale this Friday, as well as tables. If you previously purchased tickets for the originally announced show, you will need to get a refund from that venue and purchase new tickets through the Hacienda.

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