Not ever. I've never been to a range, or out in the woods shooting a BB Gun at some soda cans. And I'm curious about it. Now that I live in Texas-the place where most everyone carries at some point or another-I'd love to learn more. I know there's a process everyone has to go thru where you can legally own a gun and also carry it. But I'm nowhere near any of that--yet. Baby steps. I'd love to be able to just hold one--and go to a range and practice. I've had many tell me though that there's a major ammo shortage right now so the ranges are all closed.

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And I also know there is a LOT to learn about what gun size is best for what type of shooter / owner. And I also know that there are a ton of various types and sizes, and different types of ammunition that goes with each one. Like I said--a LOT to learn. But truly-I'm just at the "I'd like to experience what it's like to actually hold and shoot a gun" at the moment. All those other bridges can be crossed much later.

My wife doesn't feel great about having a gun in the house so that is another hurdle to overcome if and when that time ever comes. Who knows? Maybe I'll give it a go and won't like it and that will be that. I'd love to hear suggestions-especially from people who haven't been owners or carriers for very long--on how you got started, what you own, and where good places to go to check it all out here in West Texas might be. Drop me a note HERE and let me know. And thanks!

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