When there's bad weather in West Texas and things close and the roads are bad--what do you do but get the fireplace going and try to find something to dive head-first into and binge watch a few seasons... Since it's going to be a while for the shows I'm waiting for that we've already gotten all caught up with: "Cobra Kai", "Wentworth", "Ozark", "Virgin River", "Last Kingdom".... And we've finished seasons of shows that are just DONE: "Quantico", "13 Reasons Why", "Episodes" starring Matthew Perry, "Madam Secretary", "Night Shift", and "Merlin".....

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Many have multiple seasons--and it's amazing how when you're hanging out at the house and indoors due to bad weather, how quickly you can blow thru numerous episodes and seasons without stopping. I know a few folks who watched all the seasons of Cobra Kai in one day and are waiting now for the next season like the rest of us Karate Kid 80's kids / little junkies are. If you're one of those people who's searching for something new like we are and you've seen the same shows we have, I promise I'll share any good one we come across either here on the website or on social media.

In the mean time if you have any suggestions please feel free to drop me an email and let me know what you've seen that was really great. Gwen keeps telling me I need to watch "Yellowstone" but it's not available on the services we have and I don't wanna pay all that extra money. I've also heard that "Bridgerton" is supposed to be pretty good.  Maybe we'll start that one next.

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