Now that Santa has done his deliveries for the year and he's decided to hit the beach--it's probably time, if you haven't done so yet--to take those Christmas decorations and lights down.

Rob Bayer

I hope you got everything you wanted or asked for this year and that family celebrations--whether they were in person or over Zoom meetings--was a wonderful time for you. It all seems to go by so quickly. We work ahead so we can take days off and then before you know it, it's time to go back. Some people are ready to get back, others wish they had more time.

And it doesn't matter what part of the country you live in-it's always an adventure dragging all the Christmas stuff out and hanging it all up and setting everything up--just to have to drag the boxes all back out and out it all way a few weeks later. I think the secret for me that I've been missing is--don't wait until after Thanksgiving to put up the Christmas stuff.

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Blasphemy to some people I know. After all, we all go on and on about how we wish Department stores wouldn't rush thru holidays and have the Valentines Day stuff out the day before New Year's Eve. I just think, purely from a heavy lifting standpoint--that its a lot of work to set all that stuff up to only enjoy it all for such a short period of time. Well that, and I'm just lazy and am not excited when the end rolls around every year and you have to take it all down.

But you KNOW it's a thing when they even have one of those "national days" on the fun calendar called "National Take Down the Christmas Tree" day. Our stuff is all down and put away for the year at our house, largely thanks to my awesome wife--but when you walk around our neighborhood in Adobe Meadows you still see many houses all decked-out with lights and the lawn inflatables. Maybe it's not so bad, given the past year we just had--to try to extend the magic of the holidays JUST a bit longer. Of course--I'd rather be partying with Santa right now with MY toes in the sand!

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