You Play! School delays and closures today from the snowfall Sunday left kids hanging around the house for the day... Some doing Zoom classes on a delay start, some just off for the day as Districts across the area were either late starts or closed altogether. As a parent who has to go to work no matter what-it can be a stressful morning trying to figure out what you're going to do with kids who might not be starting school on time for the day, or who are completely off.

It's much more fun to just stay home with them and play hooky for the day from work, and get the sleds out and have fun! Maybe build a snowman or get into a snowball fight.... Because it doesn't last long! Seemed like it was melting some yesterday just about right after it started. My wife took our dog for a walk and discovered a scarf and a carrot on the sidewalk in our neighborhood--someone's melted snowman! I've heard conflicting stories though from natives of West Texas.

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Being the new guy you're always curious as to how much this actually happens--as moving here from up north, it was our hope to escape weather like this and enjoy 60 degree days, or at least NEAR 60, here in the Permian Basin. All we hear from friends we've made here is "Y'all brought this weather with you!", and that it only typically snows once or twice the whole season here. Others say it's usually more than that. Whatever the case, we are ready to be done and get back to enjoying no snow. I'm ready for summer and the West Texas heat. Bring it on!

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