Back in mid-November, Gwen and I had Dr. Sally Miranda, President of All About Hearing in Midland, on the Gwen and Gunner morning show to talk about the "Hear For The Holidays" contest. Giving the gift of hearing just in time for all of the family get-togethers, whether via Zoom meeting or in person, residents in the area could nominate someone they thought could benefit from the procedure by using the entry form on All About Hearing's website.


Now it's time to announce the winner--or rather, WINNERS... First is Father David Herrera--who has suffered from hearing loss for over 5 years now. David is a Priest that's very involved in the Midland Community and is always putting other's needs before his own. So it was very rewarding for All About Hearing to give something back. Now that the hearing aid has been put in, David no longer has to turn his head so that he can hear when someone is speaking to him.

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Since he only needed one hearing aid, All About Hearing took the opportunity to help another area resident with her hearing issues as well. A young lady in Midland  named Amee. She was so excited after she was fitted with the hearing aid to be able to hear so clearly. After suffering from hearing issues since she was a young girl, it's a whole new world for Amee!

Congrats to the two winners of the "Hear For The Holidays" contest with All About Hearing! Now you can listen to Lonestar 92.3 crystal clear!

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