Aaron Watson's

American Soul

latest album "American Soul" is available today. Aaron has been teasing bit's and pieces of the album on social media for a few weeks. Now fans can get the entire album.

"American Soul" features 10 tracks including "Whisper My Name" and "Silverado Saturday Night."

In an interview with "People" Magazine, Aaron had this to about the new album:

 "I wrote American Soul two years ago, before the pandemic and everything that's going on right now in politics and such," explains Watson, 43, of the album set for release on Friday, an album which he actually recorded vocals for during quarantine from the confines of his wife Kimberly's closet. "We are going to go through hard times, but you can't hold down the American soul."

As you know Aaron Watson is a person of faith and has never been quiet about his faith in God and country, he also gave "People" a statement on the state of America:

"I can't control anything these politicians, or anything anyone else does.

"But I can control what happens under my own roof and what happens in my own community.  People need to stop putting all their faith in these men and women in Washington.  Put your faith in God and the ones you love."

It's good advice that's based on years of mixing it up with real people.  Quote, "I've done 3,000 shows in 40 states and 11 countries, so I am sort of a pro when it comes to field research on this topic.  And the people I see?  Well, they love each other.

"I'm not saying we don't have our problems.  But I can tell you, there is so much goodness out there.  We need to focus on things that bring us together."

You can get Aaron's new HERE!

I am a huge fan of Aaron Watson and his music. Aaron Watson is going to be at the Hacienda February 11th along with Randall King and special guest Josh Ward. You can get your tickets now, HERE!

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