So this week--we will feature not one, but TWO Pet's Of The Week from the Lonestar Sanctuary For Animals--since we missed it last week due to the holidays... Of course our Pet of the Week is ALWAYS brought to you by The Barking Lot of Midland!


Meet Toby--he's a staff favorite at the Lonestar Sanctuary for Animals.....
If you are looking for this handsome kitty, look up! Toby can usually be found up on a cat tree or on top of the cabinets at the Sanctuary! He is a very laid back and friendly cat. Toby is most affectionate in the morning around breakfast time. Although he is fond of his cat naps, Toby also loves to play and even has a favorite toy!

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He was born at the Sanctuary and has always been around other cats and they don’t bother him but he is very independent. Toby would do well in a multi cat household but would also be fine as the only pet or with a calm non reactive dog. He is 20 months old and has been neutered. Like most cats, he will need a little time to warm up but is approachable and will let allow you to pet him. Come visit Toby at the Sanctuary today! They're located at 4200 Fairgrounds Road in Midland!

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