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Doesn't matter where you travel to--because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Construction Projects everywhere were halted for safety reasons all over the United States. Now that the vaccine is rolling out, things are slowly getting back to "business as usual", and workers will begin to pick up where they left off. And there will be no busier state than Texas, as we have 4 cities that rank in the top 15 for open projects: San Antonio, Dallas, Austin and Houston.


But even right here in the Midland-Odessa area, you see a lot of it. Half-finished new homes and apartment complexes that have been sitting deserted, surrounded by fencing--scaffolding still in place, with no windows installed yet... Roads closed in Odessa or lanes reduced from 4 to 2... It means good things for local economies when there will be so many unfinished projects out there that will need additional workers to be completed.

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So many jobs were lost due to the pandemic, and the road to recovery in many industries has been slow. So the great news is that jobs will be returning to the area with the projects that are open. There will also be jobs up for grabs in San Antonio, as they are #7 on the list of the most open construction projects in the US. All of it just in time for the flip side of winter, and heading into the warmer time of the year with Spring and summer on the horizon. Can't complain though... Because even though it may mean waiting in traffic a bit--it means our economy will be on the upswing with people getting back to work. Now if only the oil field will follow suit, we'll be all set.

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