One of the reasons I know that I'm in the right place here in Texas--just saw the results of a study that says Texans have missed bars more than gyms going back to when this whole thing started with Covid in the beginning months of last year... I always crack the joke that I've named my bathroom the "gym" and that I "Go to the gym" multiple times a day. :-)

I think it was tough for all of us to handle the closures in the beginning. On top of being scared of what was out there and what was happening to those who caught the virus--and all of the uncertainty THAT brings--we had our lives and routines completely turned upside down right along with the fear. No longer could we, after a long day at work, see our friends or meet colleagues for a bite or a beverage, or even to go for a walk at first.

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And when you're locked down at home, with only what's there in your house to engage and entertain you--it can go one of a few ways. Either you spend your time when not working from home on the tread mill or other exercise gear and try to stay in shape--or you constantly raid the fridge and enjoy a beverage with that chips and dip. Many of the folks in the survey said they also missed their favorite bartender.

Now that things are swinging back the other way--after the much-predicted "second wave' hit with the numbers rising, and now slowly decreasing--adding in the vaccine is on it's way and has started to be a factor... The numbers should start to dwindle even more. Which hopefully means life can get back to some sense of "normal" very soon.  I know we all look forward to getting back out there. Coming Monday--Gwen and I will have an announcement of a show coming to our area very soon--where we can all get outside and enjoy some live music again! Be sure to tune in!

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